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Company Profile

Suzhou JIZHOUAUTO Technology Co., Ltd. is an automation instrument company located in Suzhou Industrial Park. It integrates the collective wisdom of biopharmaceutical, mechanical, automation, communication and engineering technicians to carry out continuous technological innovation, and specializes in the development, production and sales of high-quality intelligent biopharmaceutical chromatography, liquid preparation, tanks and other bioengineering related equipment.

The company specializes in the production of the latest biomedical industrial equipment, including chromatographic columns, preparation tanks, homogenization tanks, bioengineering equipment and other supporting systems. The products comply with the regulations of the United States and the European Food and Drug Administration, and are produced in accordance with the requirements of FDA and cGMP regulations. The product applications include biopharmaceuticals, chemical pharmaceuticals, food and other industries, and are widely used in monoclonal antibodies, blood products, insulin, vaccines, recombinant proteins, natural products, organic synthesis and many other fields

Quality comes from design and demonstration. Jizhou Technology always regards technology as life, continuous innovation as the driving force, and good standardized management as the cornerstone of the enterprise. Continuous investment in automation, intelligence, quality, standards and management provides high-quality intelligent equipment products for advanced pharmaceutical enterprises.

Our goal is to hand over heavy work to machines, so that people can free themselves from the middle and do more meaningful things.

Purification column series

Ultrafiltration solution preparation

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Bioengineering project

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through continuous investment in R&D, we will build a new technical service platform, provide users with leading technical services and cost-effective products, and provide users with good support in terms of industry standards, technology docking, data security, quality assurance and regulations.

Our philosophy: seek truth from facts and do what you say.

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